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grenade launcher Exclusion
We can install guards that are very good at keeping the critters out.
travis with a skunk Removal
If animals do get in we can get them out. Even the friendly skunk.
Animals can leave dangerous diseases that can harm your family.
Damages can build up fast. We can repair any damages caused.



 Trapper Travis

  with a "coyote on a stick."


ProActive Wildlife Solutions

 Trapper Travis has many years of trapping and removal experience for farms, homes and government properties. He is fully licensed in the state of Georgia and practices humane treatment and relocation when possible.


 Exclusion of nuisance animals is always going be cheaper than the alternative. Squirrels and raccoons are very good at taking advantage of a warm attic to raise their litter. From chipmonks to Bigfoot, breaking and entering is their "modus operandi." We can install guards at the points of access such as the chimney and crawl space and hopefully prevent a problem. 


 Removal of nuisance animals is not something you want to try yourself. Most of them can be vicious when provoked. ProActive has all the tools necessary to provide any type removal service you require.


 Decontamination may be neccessary after the removal of animals to keep you and you're family safe. Urine and feces will be there. Depending on how long they were in your home there may even be dead animals left behind. ProActive can clean and dissinfect the area.


 Repair Service may also be required if squirrels or rats have chewed into your wiring and woodwork. Believe me its shocking the kind of damage animals can do in a very short time. Trapper Travis has a few decades of construction and builder expertise and can repair any damage caused.


 Trapping is a passion with Travis. Its in his blood. Its something he has done since his childhood. He now traps for farmers and land owners to help rid their lands of predatory and destructive animals such as coyotes, bobcats, beaver, opossum, ground hogs, and anything else damaging the properties. Local governments also call for Trapper Travis.


A child or small dogs and cats

are not safe with these guys in

your backyard.